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Patient transfer is a problem in healthcare today. With the use of the Transi, you will increase caregivers' productivity. It will reduce the transfer time and costs. The Transi cuts caregivers' compensation costs and reduces absenteeism and turnover. The patient will feel less dependent on the caregiver and will gain self respect.

Transi Mobil
Transi Pro
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Rotating transfer equipment
(Not intended to transport the patient)

Transfer equipment with fixed base

Transfer equipment with rotating base

The Transi The advantages of the Transi

The Transi is a revolutionary system, which helps the caregiver get patients out of bed and transfers them from chairs to normal routines in their lives. Not only does the Transi help to protect the backs of the caregiver, but it also provides the patient with increased independence. Its stable base makes it easy to operate. The Transi can fit through doors and is stored easily. The Transi is designed for patients who are capable of standing by themselves for a minimum amount of time.

The Transi is time efficient, it reduces patient's transfer time;
The Transi cuts caregivers' compensation costs;
Reduces caregivers' absenteeism and turnover
Increases productivity and reduces costs
Reduces the chance of a back injury to the caregiver
The patient feels less dependent and restores self respect
The Transi is small, stores easily and fits through all doors
The Transi is very stable because of its unique design

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